Community Dispute Resolution Centers turn 25!!!!!


“This is the first time I have dealt with mediation and I felt the whole situation was handled very well.” – Mediation participant

The Resolution Services Center, a 501(c)3 organization, was developed in 1990 as part of the Community Dispute Resolution Act.  Michigan ADR @ 25.  In order to resolve conflict, a variety of methods are utilized including mediation, transformative conferencing, and facilitation.  Other methods may be utilized depending upon the case facts.  Mediators/facilitators are neutral and do not take sides nor give advice.  They help organize and manage a process in which the parties discuss their perspectives, generate options, and come to their own resolution.

Our Mission

The Resolution Services Center of Central Michigan helps individuals, families, youth, businesses and organizations resolve conflict through a variety of methods, including mediation, facilitation, restorative practices and training.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and empower peaceful conflict resolution in the six-county region served by the Center:

  • Clinton
  • Eaton
  • Gratiot
  • Ingham
  • Isabella
  • Shiawassee
Having a neutral facilitator often is the key to resolution, even for very contentious or long term conflicts.

Statistics compiled by the State Court Administrative office for 2008, indicates that 86% of the cases mediated were resolved and that agreements were upheld in 93% of the cases.

When parties come to their own resolution, the agreements are more apt to be fulfilled.

Most of our mediators meet the requirements of either Court Rule 2.411 or Domestic Relations Court Rule 3.216 and are eligible for court appointment.  Transformative conference facilitators have been trained in alternative student discipline as developed by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (

Some of our participants have been quoted as saying:

  • “The mediator saved time.”
  • “I was listened to and made to feel comfortable.”
  • “I feel this gave us the opportunity to see what the other party felt was his case against us.”
  • “I am leaving here today happy with the way everything turned out.  The mediators were kind and accommodating.  I would definitely recommend it to others.”
Fees are based on case type and are assessed at intake. Clients may be referred to private mediators/facilitators based on income/debt load assessments.